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· Corefreight management believes that quality is an essential factor for the success of the organization; For this, it is essential that each person in the organization be responsible for the functions performed. This is why the Corefreight management considers the continuous improvement of its work processes as an essential aspect, implementing the ISO 9001:2015 standard and commits to comply with its requirements.

· Corefreight management ensures that the needs and expectations of our customers are identified, that they become requirements of our services and that they are fully met to achieve customer satisfaction including legal and regulatory provisions and thus exceeding the expectations created. There is a firm decision by management to integrate quality into the company's strategy and to have techniques and tools to pursue continuous improvement.

· It should be noted that the Corefreight Management undertakes to carry out an annual study of the context and stakeholders of the company, as well as to determine all those risks and opportunities that affect it, in order to determine what the current situation of the company is.

· We try to convince all those involved in the "spiral of Quality progress" and all those who integrate Corefreight, that a Quality System means a more efficient use of business resources: equipment, materials, information, time, etc. , and therefore supposes lower costs and higher productivity.

· We understand that the Quality System involves all employees of the company in any of its functions. For this reason, great attention is given to raising awareness among all members of the organization. Corefreight employees will promote, monitor and enhance a good working environment and work to keep them committed to the organization and policy, promoting their training and developing their potential. It will ensure compliance with a plan that promotes equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace without distinction of sex or race.

· With suppliers, partners and agents, Corefreight will offer and demand loyalty, professionalism, confidentiality and cooperation to jointly develop procedures and improve our purchase and management costs confirming that they always meet our quality and safety requirements as an important part of our processes.

· Objectives will be specified that are aligned with this policy and will also identify the requirements, resources and schedules for its achievement. This policy will be subject to periodic review by the management to adjust to the reality of each moment and will be communicated to all the staff that makes up Corefreight as well as any other party that may be interested in it. This culture of quality that must be and will be synonymous with a culture of efficiency and productivity is a fundamental priority for Corefreight.

Gaetano Cibelli



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